Allegiant Virtual, established in 2019, is an official VA Partner of the VATSIM Network, that seeks to simulate the operations of a real world airline to include real world routes and associated aircraft type. We are not associated with any real world airline yet loosely mimic the operations and service of an airline through commercial flight simulation software. We are a worldwide virtual airline community comprised of real world pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Allegiant Virtual embraces a culture that is about having fun while learning about aviation and commercial airline flight operations. When you join us, you will have confidence in being a member of a stable organization with a long-term commitment to the virtual airline community.


Our headquarters is located at the virtual Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and we have 19 additional bases of operation, including a training center at Orlando-Sanford. Pilots are assigned to the base of their choice.

  • Asheville, NC (KAVL)
  • Allentown, PA (KABE)
  • Bellingham, WA (KBLI)
  • Cincinnati, OH (KCVG)
  • Des Moines, IA (KDSM)
  • Destin-Fort Walton Beach, FL (KVPS)
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL (KFLL)
  • Grand Rapids, MI (KGRR)
  • Indianapolis, IN (KIND)
  • Knoxville, TN (KTYS)
  • Las Vegas, NV (KLAS)
  • Los Angeles (KLAX)
  • Nashville, TN (KBNA)
  • Orlando-Sanford, FL (KSFB)
  • Phoenix-Mesa, AZ (KIWA)
  • Pittsburgh, PA (KPIT)
  • Punta Gorda, FL (KPGD)
  • Sarasota, FL (KSRQ)
  • Savannah-Hilton Head (KSAV)
  • Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL (KPIE)

Our automatic PIREP system precisely and immediately collects and keeps record of your pilot logbook and our robust booking and dispatching system elevates your flight immersion. Pilots earn virtual compensation and our reporting system tracks your miles flown, routes, passengers, performance grades and much more!

Each PIREP is approved immediately and graded automatically ensuring it meets our superior flight criteria whether you're flying our state-of-the-art Airbus A319/A320 or our legacy McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and Boeing 757-200 aircraft. Our schedules are compiled from real-world data yet you're free to fly any of our aircraft on any route you choose.

For our pilot's convenience, we have the simBrief Flight Planner implemented into our dispatch system so you can file and download your flight plans directly from our Dispatch page.

Whether you are a brand new virtual pilot or a seasoned veteran, we have room for you at Allegiant Virtual. Pilots are required to have a valid VATSIM ID and are encouraged to fly online with VATSIM but it's certainly not a requirement here.

While we want you to fly as much as you can, our goal isn't necessarily to see how many hours you can accumulate but rather focus on honing your skills by producing quality flights. Experienced pilots don't start out at the bottom here either. We will transfer a portion of your online flight hours or verifiable hours from another virtual airline.

First and foremost, we are all about community and providing an enjoyable time within your flight sim hobby!

Live ACARS Map
Scheduled Departures
Pilot Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Aircraft Status
  AAY540 G4986 (1A) KPIE KUNV A320 Booked
  AAY524 G42107 (A) KSFB KAVL A320 Booked
  AAY523 G41610 (1A) KCID KPGD A320 Booked
  AAY496 G42684 (1) KIWA KSMX A320 Booked
Recent Arrivals
Pilot Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Flight Time
  AAY334 G4578 KIWA KRFD 02:57:51
  AAY496 AAY2684 KIWA KSMX 01:30:00
  AAY527 G44103 (A) KIWA KPHX 00:32:30
  AAY475 G41633 (1A) KPGD KELM 02:49:44
  AAY492 G48060 (A) KCVG KGRK 03:07:31
  AAY385 G41835 KFLL KIND 02:47:29
  AAY313 G41723 (2A) KORF KFLL 02:00:04
  AAY497 G42651 (2) KPSP KBOI 02:03:47
  AAY524 AAY6250 KAVL KSFB 01:31:46
  AAY385 2872 KBOS KIND 02:36:53
Our Newest Pilots
Pilot Name Country Base Hired Date
  Terry Burt Canada Canada Tampa / St. Petersburg (KPIE) 2021-03-04
  Kellen Stone U.S.A U.S.A Phoenix / Mesa (KIWA) 2021-03-01
  Montie Henderson U.S.A U.S.A Cincinnati (KCVG) 2021-02-27
  Greg Smith New_Zealand New_Zealand Nashville (KBNA) 2021-02-27
  Juwan Christie Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Cincinnati (KCVG) 2021-02-21
  Chad Evans Bahamas Bahamas Las Vegas (KLAS) 2021-02-20
  Todd Lipani U.S.A U.S.A Orlando / Sanford (KSFB) 2021-02-18
This Week's Best Landings
Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Rating
  Greg Smith 402 KBNA 2021-02-28 -26.00fpm 95%
  John Navara G4689 (2) KLAX 2021-02-27 -29.00fpm 95%
  Zack Cannon G4618 (1B) KIWA 2021-03-02 -29.00fpm 71%
  Ayler Cruz 343 KMFR 2021-03-02 -41.00fpm 99%
  Jonathan Enger G42072 KSRQ 2021-03-02 -43.00fpm 75%

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